Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Words

From Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds

I have chosen ten random words.

Your goal: to choose five of these and incorporate them into a single piece of flash fiction.

The words:











There’s your list.

Choose five.

Write 1000-word short story.

Post at your blog or online space.

Give us a link to the story in the comments below.

Any genre will do.

Due by April 4th, noon, EST.


“Goodnight dear,” I push his red hair away from his forehead and gently kiss him. I tuck his favorite hound dog stuffed animal under his little arms.

“Mommy, can I have a story?”

“Of course. What would you like to hear a story about?”

“Ummm….” the four-year-old thought process begins, “A lion, a superhero, a crab, a racecar, a firefighter, a flower, and a dragon….. Oh, and a butterfly, and a blade of grass.”  He digs deeper under the covers and smiles smugly, beat that! His big eyes glow and watch me with intensity.

“Well, okay then,” my mind races. What happened to the stories with one character? This is BS!  The room was lit only by the baseball nightlight in the corner. Silence hung all around us. I took a deep breath, and then my voice started quiet and low… 

Once upon a time, there was a GREAT, BIG LION…. ROAR…. who loved to run in the meadows with the beautiful butterflies and flowers. The lion was very hungry with nothing to eat, so he started eating the flowers.

“Why would the lion eat flowers mommy?”

“It’s my story honey. He can eat whatever he wants…”

But the flowers were foxgloves and were very poisonous. The lion became very sick.

 “What kind of flower is a foxglove mommy?”

“It’s some sort of poisonous flower honey. I had to google it. Shhh… this is my story…”

The lion became so sick that he went and lay down in a casket saying his last prayers. BUT THEN, the superhero and the firefighter came to help the lion! The superhero was a rich business man who grew up as an orphan, but went to medical school at the age of 13. So, the firefighter resuscitated the lion and the superhero gave him a lollipop with a magical medicine that made him better….. or, so they thought!

 “Mommy, why do I have to take yucky cough medicine when I’m sick and the lion gets a lollipop?”

“Because only rich, business men who go to med school have those kinds of powers. We don’t have friends like that honey. Shhh…. Mommy’s story.” I gently pat his back.

 A humongous dragon with bright red wings flew above them and dropped a magical hermit crab. The old hermit crab was the wisest crab in the whole world and when he spoke all the earth would listen…. even little 4 year old boys…. can you hear the wisest crab?

 I cup my ear and pretend to listen. My son’s hand slowly does the same. His eyes wander around the room. He concentrates hard to listen. “I don’t hear anything mommy….”

“Shhhh…. listen closely…”

 The wise hermit crab spoke, “The lion is still very sick. He will need to go to sleep until 7:30 in the morning…. but the only way the lion will sleep is if all the 4 year old little boys will sleep with him.”

 “Did you hear that honey? You are four… you will have to sleep in order to save the lion! Can you do that?”

“Yyyy…es mommy. I can.” the look of concern for the lion was deep.

 Then, the wisest hermit crab levitated himself into a racecar and drove off into the night!

And everyone lived happily ever after. The End 

 My smile grows as if I had just spoken the greatest story ever told. Nailed that! “Now go to sleep. I love you.”

“Wait mommy. You forgot the blade of grass?”

I resist rolling my eyes and I paste a smile on my face. I take an even deeper breath…. I begin again…

 And the wisest hermit crab comes back and obliterates the world with a silent whisper and the only thing that remains is a single blade of grass.

 “Goodnight sweetie. I love you.” I kiss his forehead one last time.